Our favourite...

Model: friend, Kelsie Hill (PS: add a comment saying this girl should start a blog and I will show it to her ;})

Wearing: My personal design white singlet with chain detail, tights and boots/heels.
Purpose: For my design portfolio and uni entrance

Just an purpose amateur shoot. I liked how the images darkened around the edges and the brick looked mega cool so I thought I would include the whole set within the shot. Doesn't she look gorgeous? I am so inspired by *'s blog that I just had to experiment with astronomical themes within the images.

I apoligise for lack of updates. I am so busy and when I am not spending time with Sean, all I do is work work work! Mind you, I am ALWAYS finding time to look at everyone's blogs even at my boyfriend's house! lol. I have been waiting patiently for uni offers, and while I have already been accepted into Newcastle for Visual Communication, I am hoping for something a little more down my alley these days, like a bachelor of design (fashion major, graphic design major or fashion marketing major). So I should find out sometime this week if I am accepted into other places *crosses fingers*

I really hope I can study design next year... but then there is accomodation to get etc etc *sigh*

More photos to come of Kelsie modelling another one of my designs. I hope you enjoyed these images too by the way.


  1. These pictures are truly Stunning Dear !!! Kelsie delightfully seems escaped from a sexy/blurry "Fashion Dream", AND I really like the way your creations (notably this tank top's uber sensuous back cleavage) ideally emphasize her "Where THE BOMBnextDoor meets THE Baby Doll" type of Beauty . . .
    ps: I FRANKLY think that She should start a blog !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. stunning pictures, beautiful!!

  3. These pictures are gorgeous! I love the ones of her on the bike. And I need a pair of those floral tights in my life!

  4. this is gerougous!
    i love that bike and i want those leggings!
    You have done very well.
    Hope ou get the course you want :)
    Oh and she should start a blog!
    Pearl xo

  5. these are really awesome photos!

  6. thanks ladies <3 this will mean alot to her.

  7. Thanks for the comment, love the photos!
    She should defiantly start a blog :)


  8. Amazing photos and a great blog. :)

  9. Love the pictures!
    very rock and roll(:

  10. these pictures are awesome! I would love to know how you got them to look like this..the styling is super and she is a great model<3


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