beautiful Bali 2009
Beachside with Bonnie 2009
Perfect Wee Jasper (near snowy mountains NSW Australia) 2010

Totally excited to show you my shots taken with my Diana cam! Aren't they beautiful? I had only just picked them up the other day and I knew I had to show you guys as I told you that I was totally going to go crazy with my Diana in Bali. Going back to film is very difficult because it is such a profession! However, the images are divine. I wish to get into more night life snaps too sometime. Maybe vintage fashion shoots. Would be totally cool cats ;)

Oh! and I am in the process of a DIY shoulder pads! I know they have been done many times before but I just love the shoulder pad trend and had to document my craftiness. I will post up when I have finished sewing the other shoulder pad (perhaps during the weekend). Boo to my 9 hour shift tommorrow! I am missing out on a fun night out with my man and his friends :(


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  3. oh my!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! the colours are just amazing! this is exactly the kind of pictures I like the best! Such a vintage feel to them! Also looks like a wonderful holiday! lucky you :)

  4. just lovely!
    did it cost much to get the photos developed?
    i love the photos with people in them and the one with you hand!
    Pearl xo

  5. I am glad I saw these photo's they're wonderful, because I was given a Diana F+ Snowcat Lomo, and its been 5 months and I have yet to use the camera its still in its packaged box. It's criminal I know!

    you've taken some fab photo's Bali looks magical! this post was what I needed, over the next few days I will be buying some film and testing the camera out! =]

  6. wow great pictures!
    bali is so wonderful!


  7. Oh, I love the result of film, especially the magic of lomography film. These images are divine!

  8. those pictures are beautiful! i bought a diana a while back because it was on sale for like 10 bucks! but i still have no gotten a chance to use it :-(

    beautiful blog by the way!

  9. love the photos! i love the diana camera. my best friend owns the mini diana :). i have a holga!


  10. These pics are completely refreshing :)
    I miss Bali..

    eclectic du jour

  11. lovely pics... I miss summer!


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