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Here I am summoned to constant drawing and snipping my beautiful magazines to pieces :( I have missed blogging for so long. I have lots of photos to show. Of my new room, my outfit yesterday (nothing too special), in my bag and a LONG overdue 'of the week' post, which in my case is over the past 2 months and beyond. I had bought many things from local vintage shops near home in Newcastle and hadn't the time to share them with you. I have been reading your blogs this whole time and I appreciate every bit of support and wishes I recieve from you all in regards to my commitments lately.
How good have the fashion weeks been? As soon as the couture show ended, BAM! they started popping up left right and centre and I couldn't keep up. Such amazing designers in this world it really makes me wonder if I can even make a pinprick in the fashion world. Whilst I should probably avoid thinking this way, for now as a first year fashion design student I don't think I would like to start my own label. I would more likely love to work for interesting street brands such as Insight, Something Else by Natalie Wood or Chronicles of Never. But who knows? next week I may tell myself I want to design haute couture?

Above is my work bench (a kitchen dining table where I SHOULD be eating my dinner each night) with my sketch book and to the left is my first assignment - A moodboard or look book, which features cut outs of editorials to answer the brief of high end spring summer in an urban environment. I cut out girls wearing warm colours such as mustards and reds which are mature type colours and are often seen in the street. For example stop and pedestrian signs, traffic lights, pedestrian lights, cabs, fire hydrants etc...


  1. Hola!!
    I really like your blog and your pictures. I'm dying for the grunge boots, they are also in my wish list.


  2. Hey girl, I LOVE your blog x

  3. ahh glad to know your alive babe!

    i love the photo of your work desk, so artistic and pretty!

    and that look book sounds great!

  4. love insight too! nice work-desk, looks great!


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