D_____LUXE ۞

Ugh the Clestial Geometries necklace = ♥

Most of us are familiar with D_LUXE because of their simple yet, amazing jewelery designs. Like come on, geometry?! Who would have thought that a bunch of basic shapes could conjure a winning idea for a necklace?

Collection after collection, the New Zealand designers cannot seem to put a foot wrong and soon the next big step is to tackle the big guns at New York Fashion week!

I am a fan and have been for a few months now. They have also been featured in Australia's May edition of CLEO! Please, if you haven't seen their stuff before, get ready to share some moments with their pieces. Click here to visit D_LUXE.

Ps: I have a LuShae jewelry review coming up soon but I am desperately in need of camera batteries to take some photos of my lovely gift!


  1. These accessories are so unique! Very geometric. I would love to own something from this collection! Thanks for sharing it with me :)

    all I can say is, VERY cool ;)

  2. ahhh i know how great is this stufff!

  3. Such unique accessories! I love them paired with the blue shapes, very cool :) great post!

    have a look :)


  4. No I didn't make the fur coat myself (i wish!! haha) but I did add the red and blue fur tails to it :)

    D_luxe is amazing, I love geometrical jewellery!


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