Credit: fashionising.com - Purple Magazine
I was going to post up some great thigh high boot examples until i spotted Dree looking ever so foxy in Rodarte's. It is great when a woman can look this natural and perfect. Ugh Dree, I wish I was in your shoes (get it?)

I have a great day ahead :) the sun is shining, I am not working, on holidays from college for two weeks, seeing my beautiful boy, cooking fettucine pasta for dinner and then watching The Pacific. Win!

I hope your day will be super chill like mine x


  1. Wow. She is absolutely gorgeous! and lucky you to be on vacation :)


  2. nice pics.and I love your blog:)

  3. dree's face is so full of emotions. she really doesn't have to pull too much overacting drama on it. she's definitely one born-to-be.




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