Meet my latest additions

Gorgeous huh? Mittens and Mishka wish to say herro :3

They bring a smile to my face every day. I just want to come home and give them squishy hugs.


  1. aww i dont like kittens/cats much but your make me smile too!

    Anna Katrina

  2. oh, I love them!! they are just too cute! My cat is called Michka as well, funny! Have a wonderful weekend gorgeous!

  3. You have kittens!!!! =)

    thanks for visiting me, I appreciate it so much <3


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  6. Wow, what cuties!!

    Can't you even listen with headphones? I would die if I would have to be without music. Gosh, it's the only thing keeping me happy at work.

    I honestly never really got diorama, but neon ballroom has some fantastic tracks. If I ever get kids I'm gonna worry if they have idols like daniel johns and Kurt cobain (my two teenage heroes). Can't be healthy. haha.

    You should watch the walrus movie. It's so funny!

    greets from Berlin!

  7. I'm allergic to cats, but I own two as well :) They're so funny, my newest one is like a ninja haha


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