Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton never fail to impress!

Apoligies dearest followers,

Sorry I have not been around to visit your blogs and sorry I have not been around to post. I have been busy with the usual - college. But I am now on holidays and so for the next few weeks, things will change. I have some great news to tell you all -

1. Almost reached 100 followers! I will host a competition which will open today and end 11.59pm Sunday the 17th of October. A winner will be randomly generated.
All you need to do is write your name, email and future dreams/aspirations. The winner will not be determined on this of course, but I would love everyone to share with me their goals in life :) and who knows? Maybe some of us will have something in common. Perhaps a fun way to meet new bloggers :D

The randomly picked winner will win a gorgeous handmade dreamcatcher and I will possibly add another item to the prize. So enter below!

2. I have been so freaking lucky! I have won 2 double passes for 2 different events! I won a double pass to Parklife festival in Sydney and I have also won 2 day exclusive double pass tickets to the much coveted Fashion Palette event at the international passenger terminal at Circular Quay in Sydney on the 8th and 9th of October which is my birthday ^-^

So I will hopefully have my new cam by then and I am hopefully going to be snapping away some outfits and writing reviews :D

I am going to buy this little beauty, what do you think? The Sony NEX 3. Small and compact for the non-photographer yet comes with interchangable lenses and has had rave reviews. The NEX 5 is nice but I don't particularly have enough for that right now. So I am planning on getting this twin lens pack (L)


  1. Hey thanks for stopping by :) I know exactly how you feel I always wish there was more time for blogging especially once uni gets going!

    1. Phiephie, thefashionsmoke@yahoo.com, and the future dream would be living in Paris speaking French working as a fashion editor OR freelance stylist of sorts :)

    Also that's a gorgeous cam! Me and Minnie have been using my little digital one recently because her SLR is broken, such a nightmare!!!

    x x x

  2. what strong and edgy collection <3

  3. Your blog is fab and that collection is amazing x

  4. I'm not usually a fan of sass&bide, but there are certainly some beautiful pieces here, that's for sure. As far as this competition goes...
    Romany Alice
    and I suppose in terms of dreams/aspirations...it sounds kind of corny, but I really just want to make as many people happy as I can. Organically happy, that is, not necessarily rolling-in-dough happy. One of the ways I'd like to do this is to have a big family. And raise my kids in a really warm environment. I'm sure every parent has a plan of raising their kids in the "perfect" way, and it doesn't always work out. But dammit, I'm going to try! Haha.
    p.s. definitely go for the NEX 3! Photography is life.

  5. don't worry about it! I'm glad you like my new posts :) I love this collection...Jessica Hart looks phenomenal

  6. That collection is so charming, love the slightly wider printed pants!
    Congrats on your 100 followers hun, and we'd love to enter your competition!
    Emily T
    Aspirations: of course fashion and design comes into it but most of all to be freely passionate and creative. And somehow to find a personal balance between my many loves.

  7. such a beautiful collection, finally a designer who didnt play it safe with minimalism!

    thanks for all of your comments, your blog is beautiful!!

  8. i adore the use of digital print & nudes in this collection so clean cut <3


  9. these are all such beautiful garments! my oh my.

  10. mia_sofie86@hotmail.com
    - my future dream right now is to travel. I am facinated with people and I would love to photograph people around the world... :) I think you can learn alot by talking to strangers from all types of cultures!

    Congrats nn your 100 followers - your blog is great, so keep it up sweety!
    Have a nice day!

  11. thanks a lot!

    I love the colours in this collection!

  12. Hey beautiful! thank you so much as always for your comments on my photography! Very incouraging! It's what I need when I'm trying to follow my dream :) Love to hear that you enjoy my pictures! And isn't Fever Ray just great!? Glad I could introduce you to them :) Good luck with uni work, hope you're enjoying it,even if there's lots to do! Always looking forward to see new posts from you! And loving that last coral outfit <3

  13. the shiny pants are incredible.

  14. nice!amazing!
    great camera :)

  15. jess hart...love her!
    also not a huge s and b fan...but i love the jacket in the second last...

  16. kill meeeeeee i want all those printed trousers :D
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx
    take a peek at my giveaway while you're at it!

  17. Hey, I'm Marley, congratulations for the 100 followers, now you have one more
    Ahahah my future dream is living in a big city, working in something related to fashion, maybe in a magazine like at the Devils wears Prada or The City, meeting new interesting people, living in a nice appartement, having my friends and family close... It's a big dream ahaha



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