Dansk magazine // Charlotte Di Calypso by Bojana Tatarska in Valentino Haute Couture 2010

May I introduce you to the ever-so beautiful Dansk magazine. Unless you are Danish, you may not know of Dansk. But let me tell you, you are missing out.
I cannot praise this magazine enough. No bullshit, no lame advertisements, just pure aesthetics lovingly entwined into the endless pages. I don't care how many hearts I break, I would buy this over Vogue anyday.


  1. I love dansk. so much.
    have you read acne paper? that's sort of a no bullshit mag too.
    i love the luminousity of this editorial.

  2. beautiful photo's. a great selection you have here (:

  3. holy crap. this is such a beautiful editorial. i'm completely obsessed. i would kill to own at least one of the pieces. and the glitter covered face? gorgeous!

    sincerely, M


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