So yeah, day 2 was MUCH better (was also my 20th birthday ^-^). It was on time, the clothes were also more fun. The top standouts were my favourite, Guanabana and EDWINA MCCLENNAN. The styling, textures and mostly the colours were so defining and inspirational to their colelctions. I could literally sit there and say, I need this or I will buy that as soon as it hits shelves. This is obviously the effect they want on observers and fashion enthusiasts and it worked, so well done ladies.

So this post is a Guanabana, Edwina Mcclennan and Luke feature.

Just some of the beautiful pieces from Linda Bergskas of GUANABANA who is based in my hometown of Newcastle. I have always been a huge fan of her work and this collection is easily my favourite. I admit, a little difficult for Summer right now but I can SO see myself in those snowflake and print tights Autumn 2011.

My god these tights were so much better in person. Edwina Mcclennan is a new name for me and I have a feeling this won't be the last time I speak of her. It was all about the sillhouette and shape. Her pieces were interesting, and in my opinion very high fashion. All the best to her!

We also came across a very bright, young man who is the creator of Sydney Street Style. At just 15, this kid looks trendier than ANY person his age. I didn't know a thing about fashion at 15, nor did I have the time, patience or confidence to execute such a charming and clean image. So yeah, he practically finds time to wander the city, eye out great outfits and snap them for our enjoyment. I see big things coming to SSS. Kudos Luke!


  1. guannabanna (or however u spell it) is so amazing! very wearable.
    and isn't that kid cute.
    is his name hugh? i wish more guys would dress like this. makes me wanna slip into the menswear side of things.

  2. this is awesome. you guys look fantastic. loving the sunnies and lipstick. and oh my god - so badly stealing that belt off you! i've been looking for one everywhere :)


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