I wish he was my boyfriend

Credit: Hugh Holland WAD blog, Brain Pickings, MotArt, Flickr

so yeah major love for the whole 70s Californian Lords of Dogtown culture ♥

Also, could totally be his daughter ay. Whut a legendddd. Via The Selby


  1. i want emilie hirsch in my pants.
    fucking epic post.
    lords of dogtown is a favve.

  2. Love This Post, Lords Of Dogtown Is One Of My Most Favourite Films Ever And I Love The Style Too Thanks For Posting!


  3. amazing post, i'm also in love with lords of dogtown. and every sun kissed long haired man.

    about your photo on my blog, i'm not sure where i found it, probably on tumblr or we heart it. if you want me to delete it, i will of course :) sorry, i didn't save it with source. but it's beautiful (you are beautiful :))

  4. Oh, do you have Hugh Holland's new book "Locals Only" yet? I've had my eye on it for a while. You've seen LORDS of DOGTOWN and the documentary DOGTOWN & Z-BOYS before, I'm sure? The 70s skate and surf Dogtown culture is amazing indeed.

    And five months belated but, thanks for your lovely comment, I finally have a new entry up, and thank you for your enduring patience while waiting, it means so much to me!


  5. Great shots!! You're so good at capturing different moods! :)

  6. best coast ♥
    love this post dear xo

  7. thanks for tagging me in the last post hun, very sweet of you. <3

  8. ooops, sorry about that last comment. i was logged into my bf's account. but thank you again for tagging me!

  9. bahahhaa I was freaking out there for a second, I was like, I tagged you? haha x

  10. been obsessed with emile hirsch and vintage skating pics since I saw Lords of Dogtown! <3 so absolutely love this post!!

  11. wow i recently did a similar post using some of these pictures! just came across your blog- love it. i also love the whole lords of dogtown culture too. You cant go past a hot skater boy..



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