Wee Jasper

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Off to this beautiful place tommorrow :)

Taken with my Diana Lomo in Jan 2010

________ i'll be gone til next weekend, so please keep in contact and I will return all love <3

ps - pass on some favourite Melbourne hotspots if you have been before (someone got lucky on Christmas ;]) xo


  1. beautiful photos!
    love your blog, have a good time away xo

  2. OMG I'm So Jealous You Have A Diana Lomo!, I Wanted One For Christmas But They Had All Sold Out Everywhere I Tried Getting One :( And You've Just Gave Me My New Years Resolution To Go On Holiday This Year, Have A Nice Time!

  3. wowee these pictures are really lovely. thanks so much for the follow, we should be friends haha:) hope you have a wonderful time in Melbourne AND happy new year!

  4. Oh it looks so pretty! Where is this place? I could really need some sunlight on my face now ;) Getting tired of this cold winter!
    Enjoy your trip sweety!
    Love Mia

  5. looks amazing, thee photos have me craving going on a road trip so bad! have the best time beb xx


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