Like everything in my life, (including death) this post is wayyyy overdue.

I am introducing you to someone who is going to fuck up the Australian fashion industry (and by fuck up I mean that in the most positive way) and you are going to want to fucking know her - trust me.

Standout artist and designer, Julia Rich is my good ol pal from my old fashion college, this year we both moved onto different universities, different courses, design still our focus.

Julia has been working under her label ZEKE'S LUNCHBOX for some time now and to be honest the collections are not going to appeal to everyone. Let's just say if you lack appreciation for Romance Was Born, you will certainly have a 'wtf?' moment.

But Julia isn't a clone and she will not design/make for clones, that in itself deserves a little respect. Inspired by vintage, old school art/film/music and television, sci-fi and the grotesque, ZEKE'S LUNCHBOX is not just a design label, but a consistent work of art.

This is Julia's latest design for the Fisherman's Wife Exhibition that was held in Canberra a few weeks ago. I assume most of you would know about the Tale/Dream of the Fisherman's Wife, see what I mean by grotesque? Yeah it's fucking awesome.


  1. Can't wait for her to. Love it. She makes no comprimises. If she's so ruthless now, she can only get better!

  2. All about it!
    Total respect for what she is about.
    This dress is fricken insane. So beautiful...i love the little details on the nipples and the expression on her face.
    I need to check out more of her stuff!

    Catch up after May sounds perfect. Things are hectic as on my end too.Not handling this crappy start to my year at all lol
    I'm clingy to the hope it means i'm getting all my bad shit over and done with early so i can have a awesome second half....we shall see.


  3. thanks for ur comment. lovely dress! so extraordinary

  4. That's amazing
    That's such an awesome dress, every detail is gorgeous
    I'm going to check out her work
    Thanks for sharing, hope you're having a nice week

    ♥ Marley

  5. this is big rad prints ever. i bet not so many well-known brands have the guts to go "out there" like her. what a great introduction.



  6. Fabulous dress! Love it.

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  7. what weirdly interesting pieces she has! this is very cool!


  8. wow such a talent, love this!!
    thanks for stopping by & your comment :)


  9. holy moly that is truly amazing!!! xx

  10. this is really creative...SO GREAAT <3
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling & visit dear


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