Been listening to Abbe May alot lately. She fucking rips on the gee-tar.


  1. Cool pics, love black and white.

    Since ive finished university I am applying for all sorts of jobs and trying to get an internship.
    I really want to be a freelance print designer.

    I am also planning to sell the digitaly printed scarves I had made for my degree show and maybe the bag too.

    I already have a website so I might add a shop to it or something.

    You'll have to tell me where all the best places are to shop when I hit sydney.
    Yeah my sis says that darwin is really hot but she loves it there.

    Rianna xxxxxxxx

  2. Love these miss! Your blog is reaally good.
    That's so cool that you met Liana through here. In regards to the film question, I mostly use 400 speed film. It's the most common these days as douchebags continue to kill of film photography, but you can go into camera stores like Camera House and buy 200 ISO film and b&w. 400 ISO will give you more grain and you can use it in darker settings. The other film I use is expired film that I get off ebay, which gives the photos a lighter, dreamy effect if that makes sense!
    Sorry for the novel! Let me know if you have any questions.
    Do you have a Diana or Diana Mini? I'm pretty sure the original Diana takes 120 size film (compared to standard 35mm) which is a bitch to buy and develop, but if you have the money it's the best.

  3. you're so stunning! and you have such gorgeous hair <3


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