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Beautiful devoted to Le Pearl, I must apoligise for my longest hiatus yet! I am ONLY JUST going through the collections on the 3rd, 4th and 5th day of RAFW which was held in early May! It is now obviously July and I am on uni holidays (half way to be exact). I have been spending the last few weeks thinking long and hard about Le Pearl, asking myself questions like 'do I have the time to run it?' (not really), 'is the passion still there?' (slightly), 'will I continue on?' (YOU BET).

Le Pearl will be undertaking an internal change. I am happy with the layout for now but the blog content will be more themed and by themed I mean stick to my personal photography, maybe outfit posts or the typical vain blogspot blogger self portrait image, my designs and the odd inspiration. So really nothing much has changed just - 

a fresh attitude
new wardrobe
new influences

I have news on my journey's these last few months. Manning Cartell is going great, I love all the girls there and Cheryl Manning herself has asked to see my personal aesthetic through my designs in the future - I should totally get onto it! Also I am now an official blogger of Fashion Palette! As some of my more regular Sydney readers may know I won tickets to the shows last year and had a fabulous birthday celebration.

Uni starts back in two weeks and I think I did well in Semester 1, I will just have to await my results. Also Sean has marched out of Kapooka and is now living in Melbourne, I cannot wait to see him in the next fortnight or so.

Please do fill me in on your adventures in the comments box, new and old readers. I need to connect back with you all. Don't be shy, drop a line and while you are at it, view boandaropax my tumblr inspiration.

- Mellie xo


  1. Cute colours.


  2. Helloooo! long time no speak!

    Thats really exciting that your doing textile design, what uni are you at? Sounds like you have had some fab oppurtuniites heading your way! If you ever need any help or advise let me know. I know some great books and websites that really helped me out.

    Where is australia do you live? My sister lives in darwin so I am hoping to get out there and visit her next year, and also travel through the rest of oz whilst im there



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