Inspired by Persian civilisation, carpets/rugs, gardens, architecture, religion and food. Future print inspirations, wouldn't these just look amazing on textile?

Please if anyone wants to be a sweetheart and show off my work, please credit me, hours upon hours went into cutting these designs, yes all hand cut. Much love

- Mellie x


  1. Those are gorgeous, they look amazing, love the colours
    Hope you're having a nice summer!


  2. Hand cut are you serious mel, they look mad!! Pretty sure I lack the patience + creative skill (but especilly patience) to achieve somnething beautiful like these. Plus cheers for the heads up on Kelsey Brookes, loving his stuff x

  3. these are seriously fantastic! and to read that you hand cut them is just amazing! wow, you are talented girl!

  4. these are gorgeous, i can't believe you made them yourself!!

  5. Aha I hear ya, I mean I quite liked a few of the shoots, but some sort of 'this issue contains almost no text' disclaimer would of been nice ay!!


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