est. 2009, formally known as Le Pearl

I am a 23 year old designer from Sydney Australia.

I am currently studying at -

University of New South Wales (COFA) - Currently studying BA Design

Majoring in textile and graphic design.

Spent one semester (2013/2014) in Sweden studying at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, Hej!

Le Pearl has evolved over the years, beginning as a blog that fulfilled my wants and evolving fashion consumer desires from the world as a late-teen, to now an online portfolio and manifesto, open to future employers, clients, connections around the world. My creative tastes and design styles.

I am a self-taught publicist and writer, a reviewer, abstract and experimental photographer (film and digital), a collage artist, graphic and textile designer with a huge heart for aesthetics and minimalism.

I am a music and fashion fanatic, I love detail and mixed media experimentation.

I live by myself in Sydney with my cat Mishka.

Follow my daily adventures on instagram - @boandaropaxx

My portfolio can be viewed at www.theloop.com.au/lepearl/portfolio

Experimental collage designs can be found here

Photography samples can be found here

le.pearl@hotmail.com is the place to reach me for anything media related. 

PS: I DO NOT endorse products that I do not genuinely believe in or find distasteful. If you do not hear from me it is a 'no thankyou' :)


  1. finally! more information about your lovely self <3

  2. I love your Blog. Iust like you it is very creative.


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