Firstly I would just like to thank my followers old and new for all the support. I really love hearing from you guys. Some people like blogs with lots of daily outfit posts, some people like inspiration blogs, what I like are the creative blogs, the blogs that belong to young artists, designers or inspiring people who are building their own content e-portfolio style. I respect that type of blogger most and I continue to strive to the be that blogger too.

For uni I am creating a heavy metal shirt dress (inspired by Somarta's metal vest image 1) which is due in a couple of weeks. I am getting onto it early as I want this assignment to be my bitch and I want it to be detailed etc. So I hope you like the sneak peaks :) you will see the finished product in the future. 

Somarta is an amazing Japanese designer who I will be posting more inspirational images up of later. Lady Gaga is a fan (omg did I just mention that name on my blog?) and well, I am a huge fan. Lately I have been appreciating the 90s genius McQueen and his whack concepts.

Also: How radical is my leather belt I found at the salvos for like $0.50? Crazy, I know.

- Mellie xo


  1. My kind of crazy! I cant wait to see the finished piece!
    Looks like it must be a bitch on the hands...I just did a heap of stuff with studs and mine are screwed.
    I love this post. It reminds me why I started blogging :)

  2. i love having a peek at magnificentally talented people's work! :) that electric blue is fantastic! good luck with the assignment, can't wait for more sneak peeks <3

  3. omg the plastic vest is admirable!!!



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