Finally a post! Sorry about all of this lovers, uni has been crazy (2 weeks to go). This is my final finished piece inspired by my hometown of Newcastle, Silverchair, Nirvana, Pearl Jam etc etc

Hope you all love, I hope to make more concepts based around embossing metal in the future. I really like working with it, just hate paying for it.

Lot's of things have changed in my life over the past few months. I have been more a of tumblr cat as it is easy for on the go, the link to my tumblr is on the left (boandaropax) <<<< and I have created a second tumblr for uni only inspirations instead of having 600+browser tabs open to feed my inspiration addiction (so 3 blogs to run! + Fashion Palette blogging). 

Anyway many more projects to show off soon hopefully, love you all 

- Melliexo


  1. Death stare in first image is very excellent.

  2. you wear the coolest shit ever

  3. u are a rockstar

    and i hope u and sean stay friends for years to come :)

  4. Very very nice work!! ;)



  5. Love your metal work!! Amazing work you've been doing in uni! I've missed so much! I really love that you used a triangular based web and the two gaps with hanging chains to soften the silhouette. A friend of mine played with metals in one of her fashion projects too, creating a chain mail type of effect, I have a pic of it on the blog if you wanna take a peek at what sum1 else has done.. :) http://www.accessoryofcrime.com/2009/11/hunterhunted.html

    So sorry to hear about you and Sean, really hope you guys can all be friends!

    Btw. Amanda moved to Singapore cuz of work. I'm still based in NZ at the moment but I'm hanging with her for a while, hmmm can't imagine how it's gonna be without her around!!! Talk 2 u soon!

  6. I think you are making a really good decision for yourself. Sometimes it's good to step back and figure out what is important for us, and to simply do you. I've worked along side those in the military, and relationships definitely suffer. That's a given. But it's even harder if your partner isn't putting in the effort to make things work. Be strong, do you, and move on. You can do it girl!!


  7. What a brilliant piece of work. The quality of the craftmanship and detail is outstanding. You have a talent, lady! Do you recommend I get a tumblr? I've been thinking about it...I'm finding it hard to have the time to come up with posts on blogger, because I'm so fussy about the content I post. Love your blog, always. x

  8. Hi! you look so pretty, that metal harness/accesory is so cool and gives the perfect touch to that black tshirt
    hope you're having a nice week



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