Manning Cartell, Ellery, vintage hard rock crop tee, vintage lace bustier, Hussy birthday/xmas flats from Sean (yes we are still together, slightly :/), Asos glitter pumps, Samantha Wills ring, Thomas Sabo Obsidian bracelet.

Been a little down lately so just thought I would show off some lovely items I have recently acquired. Hope you see something you like

Wow what a break... what a fail. Where have I been? Really, I have no excuse I haven't been completely busy, yes work here and there but mainly sitting in my room wondering where summer is and what to do to be most productive for the day, which usually results in me on Tumblr for hours. 

Beginning of December was spent working heaps and helping at the Manning Cartell sample sale, mid December up until now I have been trying to see Sean as much as possible.

How was everyone's NYE and Christmas break? I am starting this new fresh as always and leaving my Manning Cartell internship after a year (I really need a chance to earn money and time to myself). Second year of uni to come... not looking forward to it at all, my timetable is lame and spread out.

Looking back 2011 was a very depressing year. I have been more detached from my family, Sean left for the army and I will never get the chance to wake up beside him everyday ever again. He just has such a demanding travelling role in the army, still not sure why I am holding on, kinda depressing when I think about it. My grades were very average at uni, I have been a top grade student since 09. 

Well the day is beautiful and I am going to try and get out despite not having a working car :( (it broke down yesterday on the way to the beach new year's day) 

Love to you all x


  1. 2011 wasn't all bad, I loved our hang seshs!!!
    About uni, you were just adjusting to the cofa, trying to juggle too much work with interning and i think you did well!! And Sean well, mmm that was probably what fucked you up the most. If you want this year to be different you'll have to make the changes!! We will make this year epic, don't you worry lover.

  2. you blog is gorgeous. i love all these items! tumblr is really addicting :) i hope 2012 will be much better for you.

  3. hey lovely, i hope that 2012 brings you a whole bunch of happiness, love and success. everything will work out for you this year, i'm sure - with work, uni, your boy, even those dreadful, untrustworthy cars!
    i am well, thanks for asking :) just getting over christmas and new year events. i think i'm definately ready for an eventful 2012! so fingers crossed for that! x.

  4. omg these wardrobe additions are amazing!

    happy new year

    the tribal print clutch is from bcbg...i bought in the fall but u may be able to still find it on their website or in store :D

  5. It seems you didn't had a wonderful 2011, but don't worry, better times will come. Sometimes we feel really bad and think everything is going worst, but that doesn't last forever...
    Your acquisitions looks great, my favourites are the yellow sandals, they're amazing!


  6. Ahh lovely, I'm sure 2012 will be a better year!
    I adore that black ripped up tee and the lace bustier, I really want one like that!
    The shoes are gorgeous too.
    Happy new year <3


  7. OMG the shredded tee is really AMAZING!!


  8. The neon flats are pretty amazing! x

  9. hello joy girl :)

  10. That lovely finds!!! I adore your glitter asos shoes! Amazing!

    Have a nice day,


  11. loving the fluo sandals! x

  12. lovely blog!
    really like it

  13. Lovely pieces!

  14. So many great finds! I really love the sweater, the hard rock cafe tee and the neon sandals! Gorgeous :)

  15. WOW, those yellow shoes are to die for!!! i want some asap!!! even thought it might be cold in teh norwegian snow :)

    love it, thanks for sharing!!! also, wooow, wicked collage in the black post!!

    love K


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