This by Emma Mulholland is all kinds of interesting. Saturated sharks in blue and pink about to chomp yo face off from the deep. Fucking sexy if you ask me. This girl has already been named as an Aussie designer to watch in 2012. I am super keen on her previous collection too. You can find her stuff at +ESTATEofMIND on Crown Street (my all time favourite shop) and this collection appears to be hitting GRANDSOCIAL soon.

Started back at uni today. I am SO excited to being doing textile design. It seems to fascinating. Our first brief is based on dangerous botanica. It will be wild and sleepless but hopefully worth it.
Jewellery tomorrow, Graphics Thursday and Raid My Wardrobe markets on Sunday! If you are a Sydney/Newcastle resident you should totally take the trip. So much vintage and pre-loved designer!

Also, DO NOT FORGET TO ENTER my competition! It ends late March. $25 Nasty Gal voucher up for grabs. Just click the link on the left.

I am officially a single little minx. I remember when my blog was still getting a record of 5 comments on my posts of vintage finds back in Newcastle and my adventures with Sean. How times have changed. I will sure miss him. He is all kinds of perfect, but I am not as sad as I thought I would be. I mean, I have had the nights where I have cried so much I almost threw up various times, smashed my fist against concrete walls and rolled into balls on the loungeroom floor. But when I had a chance to release that emotion, and with the distraction of my friends and some good illegal (cheapskate) movie downloads, I have kinda felt okay.

I just want a successful year at uni.

I have just made a nice new logo for my dearest bestest blogger bitch Liana. Check out her blog mmkay? But don't follow her, I secretly want to beat her in followers one day lolololol jk.


  1. I like. you're right, what is there not to like? Now, I realize how I'm so not over the graphic jaws prints from Christopher Kane years ago! Wow textile design sounds like some SERIOUS wacky fun. GO CRAZY!!!! Can't wait to see what u make!


  2. I didn't know the brand but I love the shark tee, it's so cool
    I totally agree with the previous comment, textile design looks so interesting and fun,
    hope you have a nice weekend


  3. OMFG need those shark pants asap. and i want electric blue boots!
    waaaah...why sah broke? cry cry cry whinge spit.

    hahaha, i dont know why you dont have more followers than me anywho, this blog is often better than mine.

  4. Amazing pieces & prints! :))


  5. Cool clothes!
    I really like those two skirts, they're amazing
    By the way, sorry for you and Sean, being single is not bad at all, but it's normal to feel sad sometimes after a breakup or that sort of stuff.
    Anyway, I didn't know you studied textile desing! that sounds increadible and so fun and interesting!



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