photos: me

Was a beautiful day in Sydney where I saw lots of amazingly dressed people. The music was amazing as expected. Uni goes back soon, /sadface :(


  1. i LOVE festivals! great pics

    and i m loving the ombre hair

  2. Looks like a fun festival! I need to see if there are any amazing festivals happening where I'll be in Asia this spring-summer, especially ... free ones! I can't help but cringe at festival tickets that are something like $200, I'd have to adore pretty much every artist there performing to pay that. I would love to go to Glastonbury someday though!

    Hope you're having a lovely day, Mel. <3

  3. Seems like a neat venue, great photos and denim pants, take care!

  4. funfunfun!! i'm ready to go to a show!

  5. this looks SO WARM AND CHILLED OUT. i hate my life. x


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