It should be me in his arms but w/e...

I know where he lives anyway ^-^ /stalker
Thankyou RUSSH <3


  1. Helloooo! Thanks for the info, I am going in August. eventually after some travelling around I am settling in Towumba (might have spelt that wrong!) where my sister lives. I cannot wait, will check out the places you have suggested, thank you very much. Are there any designer discount outlets you know of around sydney?

    Awwww thanks for favouriting, that limited edition clutch is probably my favourite in the whole shop! Don't forget there is 15% off everything in my etsy shop using the code Springfashion12. I had to celebrate the fashion show with a code!


  2. Hahaha, i am sure he will take you in his arms next time :)
    great pic's!
    Love k

  3. Hi, how are you?
    Those pictures are completely amazing, and the guy is also very cute hahaha


  4. really beautiful pictures! now following :)
    hope you can join my jewellery giveaway!


  5. Hi! Thank you so much, I mostly use black marker pencils! xx

  6. Such pretty pictures! =)

  7. Great photos!

  8. Great photoshoot!
    I find the photo in which she is looking over her shoulder beautiful, but the whole production looks amazing! I am designing a collection for a brand and I have just realized I need to put together a photoshoot for their catalogue.. Not really my area of expertise, but this was good inspiration!

  9. i love the shot of them laying down. the colours, their positions, the props. everything just looks so good. x.

  10. Woooow, beautiful pics!<3<3<3

  11. gorgeous spread. i love the concept!

  12. I'm wondering if he's wearing a house coat / jacket in the last photo, because it kind of looks like one though shorter ... but it's pretty amazing either way, it's just I feel like there's a lack of appreciate for good housecoats and I love them, they're especially swell for lazy weekends when you don't feel like getting dressed.

  13. the onnnnly thing i hate about this is how god dang posed it is....fark. good thing they are sexy.

    haha, i love how you admit you are a stalker lol lol....perhaps we should do a drive by?

  14. Lol! I like your comment at the end! I think the third photo is my favorite.




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