I have honestly been too scared to look at blogger without being distracted. I am completely in the dark with the fashion world right now. I haven't even seen MBFW Australia yet which is super depressing. I found by Eleanor Amoroso and I couldn't resist blogging. So if this has pulled me out of the wardrobe, you bet it is amazing.

Where have I been?!? 
I am so super sorry to have done this to my great followers but I have been very sick+busy with uni and now all my assignments are due and I am stresseddddd. 

This year has sucked so far, really poor marks at uni, my Sony nex-3 camera stolen (DEVASTATED) and underneath it all I am still struggling to come to terms with the fact that I am single. I miss Sean so much. 

Besides that I have gained a great job at St Vincent De Paul's 'Vinnies' aka a massive thrift /op shop store chain in Newtown, Sydney Australia. I find the most amazing things in store which I cannot wait to show you all! I also have dyed my hair lavender it looks super pretties but it fades too quickly! :(

I want to show you my work this semester but everything I do is incomplete and still in progress or not good enough. This blog is going to probably become more of a conceptual design blog accommodating my uni progression. So lots of scans, sketches, designs and the like :) but not until I get a camera to replace my nex 3 which was stolen by (we think) one of my sister's party attendees - not happy+so not fair. 
She hasn't even bothered to replace it or look for it. I always feel like I have lucked out on a good and trusting sister. Luckily I have my little brother who I adore and trust with my life. However he is teen now and becoming more and more difficult to encourage. They just lose their oomph after a while don't they? He hates school, plays xbox and watches tv all the time. I am trying to get him into design as that is all I know. Thankfully he loves it and wants to learn how to make clothes, backpacks and Supreme-style caps which is a great sign that if he gets a little creative thing going on it may motivate him to start a little business and sell to his school mates who are all into the "indie" craze. Start em young I reckon. I cannot wait to see him in the holidays.

I really miss you and I am going to catch up with everyone's blogs in my feed as soon as possible 

- Mellie xo


  1. Amoroso is totally amazing, I may be sitting in a big fat drool pool right now, totally up my alley if ya know what I mean ;)

    And yeah, your brother is the biggest cutie :)...he makes up for that spastic of a sister of yours hahaha!


  2. this is the tastiest knitwear going! the models eyebrows are delightful.

    Getting first dibs in a thrift store is Ace! A bummer! on the DSLR camera being pinched. I want to insure mine but costs a fortune!

    From the sounds of it your bro is also lucky to have you as a sister! :)

    1. I know I wished I insured mine now but it's just too costly and in terms of DSLRs a $1000 camera that isn't used professionally isn't really in need for insurance. Oh and thankyou! :) I just hope he grows up responsibly. I told him if he gets good marks in high school I will contribute money to a macbook.

  3. Oh yes, please do show us more of your work! And most of all good luck with uni!

    1. I have posted some work up :) thanks for being so kind to drop by x


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