credit: me, Acne style and model, Helmut Lang style and model

Just peeping out from behind my Dansk mag (happy 10 years!) ^-^ I don't expose my face too much ever on here, so howdy.

This is the reason for my absence. Uni work. If you don't know already I am studying a bachelor of Design at COFA in Sydney and I am majoring in Textiles and Graphic design. I am also doing a jewellery course too. Anyway above is my experimental collection The Toxic Mind of an Arachnid which was my response to a lace reinterpreted assignment. I was inspired by a 1995 NASA study where spiders were drugged on various chemicals. One of those chemicals was caffeine and it was the most effective on the spider's ability to weave a web. Anyway the crazy sporadic web outcome translated well geometrically in my assignment. Above are 5 croquis which are supposed to present a sneak peak of a potential textile print/texture.

I wanted to experiment with various materials to create different textures. I have done solvy lace, hand cut leather, water colour and shellac art and a screen printed piece which was a requirement. My look book turned out well too and I am awaiting my results tomorrow. My favourite of all the designs looks great on existing style models from Helmut Lang and Acne. Anyway this is what the blog will be about more these days. My work, my designs, the processes, looking at inspiration, designer prints (think Mary Katrantzou, Helmut Lang etc) 

Warning - rant// What is with Australia's top fashion bloggers joining a high profit-generating network now? This FELLTS network? I really looked up to some of these bloggers but they have really sold out completely. As if they weren't getting invites to every show, gaining lot's of free items and other treats enough as it was. I know they need to make some money as this is most likely only a short term career (who knows how long the bloggers life span is yet?)

It is just such a shame.

Anyway here are some of my crazy jewellery designs made from casted white bronze. They're heavily inspired by the texture of rock shards and lichens. The two on the right, far too impractical to wear but are definately a reflection of the many hours I spent carving and manipulating wax :)

I am about to finish dying my hair a fresh shade of lavender once more at 1.30am
Love to all x


  1. Your prints are just beautiful, especially that first purple one really stunning! & the rings are equally as gorgeous too, I wouldn't say the ones to the right are unwearable at all, I would absolutely wear that middle one! :)


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