By far my most favourite from fashion week. Nicola Finetti - can you believe it? Perhaps it's the minimal styling, clean clean clean.

An Ode to No One struck me with their butterflied architectural prints and delicious colour palette. Isn't the icy mint blouse just magic with that skirt?!


Camilla - The queen of kaftans. Maximum everything. If this is any indication of how summer will be, it is going to be wonderful.

Elliat - a new face to fashion week, but this dress is just gorgeous. The iridescent shimmer is perfect and reminds me of the Two Weeks skirt in the below post.

Kristi Rose

Manning Cartell's 2012 SS collection was subtly inspired by Frida Kahlo. I particularly love the sheer mesh jacket, floral print, bright heels and the coral, silver and white striped pants on Ruby-Jean. Let me know how you feel about this collection.


Miss Unkon 2012 - the first dress, wow. The peek-a-boo panels and the hint of lemon yellow works perfectly.

Suboo - I not only adore the clothes but the setting, a gorgeous sunny Sydney sky-scraper view with beautiful flowers bordering. This collection is such a perfect representation of what an Australian summer is all about. I am actually reminded of my summer holidays in Queensland with my family. We would camp at Tweed Heads and venture north to Coolangatta, Rainbow Bay beach, Kirra Beach, Currumbin and to the amusement parks, so many memories of waking up sweaty in a tent and the sun shining through, kids screaming at the pool and riding their bikes. Bravo Suboo, I cannot wait to see more!

Talulah - featuring Nicole of Gary Pepper Vintage.

Jenny Kee - This reminded me alot of Kenzo, but I was just so ecstatic by this collection as it really is an above and beyond example of Australia's talents. The styling was just immaculate too. I so badly want to jump in any of these outfits and be adorned with headdresses and statement jewellery.

And last but not least, Ksubi feeding my hunger for androgynous fashion (there was a sickly absence of it this year)

I know, I know... this is ridiculously late. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia was actually held in Late April-early May but I have been such a busy bee with uni and all. I was surprised at how boring alot of the shows were. Obviously only a handful stood out for me. Ellery and Zimmerman were just - meh. I was really missing the absence of Dion Lee and Josh Goot. Alot of missing designers this year, is this the effects of the GFC? I think so. This is a scary future over the next few years for up and coming designers that want a break. 

Anyway let me know who were your high-lights x


  1. Yes, Josh Goot's absence was also sorely missed form my at-home-on-my-laptop fashion week seat! Well Manning Cartell was by far my favorite, I think because of the vast amount of individual pieces I'm itching to actually wear (you know if it wasn't for the whole completely broke student thing.) And I didn't pay much/any attention to Nicola Finetti but wow the floral prints are beautiful - reminds me of those Peter Som floral hotpants from I think his last SS collection. God they were good...

    1. omg I am totally loving this reply feature (my first time) haha I totally agree with the Peter Som reference. Also I am so super happy you love Manning's collection! You seem like the type of girl who loves the odd Frida Kahlo inspiration x

  2. Tasty collections especially the collection at the beginning of the post, the highlights of coral & pink. Plenty of summer inspiration.

  3. I can see subtle Frida inspirations yes, fuck love that woman so much.
    can't believe Nicola was your fave?!!! Shock!
    My faves of yours probs Jenny. TOTAL LEGEND.
    I fucking miss Dion Lee like no tomorrow, and the Goot. But, admittedly I loved the Ellery. Zimmermann is always the same, I get over it.
    Stand out for me was Esber hands down.

    Courtney did well with her collection, but I don't like it as much as her previous collection, buuut I reckon it's gunna sell much better. She's learnt what girls want with her buying for PP, and I reckon it reflects in her designs.


  4. Sorry for such a late reply to the lovely comment you left me on my blog, at the time I was overwhelmed by uni work.

    Thank you for the comments on my portfolio, it's been under construction for a year or so now. I'm studying photography and have been for two years now. When shooting in public I just make sure I know my rights, if your in a public place (not private property) I have every right to take a photo of you. Plus being a young girl properly stops people from yelling abuse at me.

    Love your brief on fashion week. The collections here are fairly good, I overall found myself disappointed this time round though. Especially since we lost Dion and Goot :( Your right about the setting of the Miss Unkon show. It's pretty beautiful.

    xx Larissa.

  5. u guys have a lot of fashion talent down under. all of these collections are fabulous although i think manning cartell was my favourite

    1. I loved Manning too thanks for always being a regular even though I never post. I am SICK to death of the fashion blogging community these days. It often seems based around people themselves than the clothes/detail of design. I am just about to check out your blog x


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