minimal baroque

Vogue China October 2012
Wow. Her hair. Baroque minimalism meets goth.

Sorry I have been ridiculously inactive, for some stupid reason I get depressed when I think about this blog and my neglect. I think it has something to do with my past and perhaps memories.

This time I can be realistic and tell you I may not always be around to post on here. I am a busy uni student with 2 jobs. I am about to apply to study overseas in 2012 and I hope it will happen, I need this.

Stay with me, I have stuff to post about recent work I have been doing.

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  1. First image the accessories are so rad.
    Love that maxi dress too.

  2. Thank you...Tasty collections especially the collection at the beginning of the post,

  3. Hi... I'm only a uni student and I'm busy most of the time, so I wouldn't like to imagine how would it be like if I was working at the same time.
    I wish you luck with your applications :)
    and Merry Christmas ♥


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