Emma Mulholland and Josh Goot, just a handful of spectacular Aussie designers. 

I am dreaming of a simple summer at the beach smiling at someone, whether it be my best friend Liana of Oh Dear its Liana or perhaps a seagull attempting to swipe at my hot chips in an attempt to save me from weight gain.

I am very unhappy despite getting a new job as a graphic and handbag designer at Aussie label Manzoni leather and getting nominated to study in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2013. I am just tired of being lonely and working/studying til my bones ache. I want a holiday, I want freedom and I want peace of mind. I am tired of my family and their expectations of me. Sometimes I just want to sleep forever, sink deep into the spongey warmth that is my bed and comforter. The only thing that will soak up my tears and be still around the next day for round two of insanity.

I have neglected this blog for at least 2 years and every time I post I acknowledge and promise to write more. But alas I do not. If you would like, follow my tumblr which updates daily with my feelings and my impeccable taste for inspiring imagery and often, my uni work either completed or in progression.

 But, I will never delete le pearl because it was through this blog that I have discovered who I truly am and what I truly enjoy in life.
Chillen after work with purple hair and a juice. Wearing my all time favourite specs by Something Else

I am selling my clothes on my Instagram shop account - @lepearlshop please follow heaps of designer and gorgeous vintage fashion! x


  1. I'm sorry for all those things you said about being so tired and fed up with college and work... I know, it must be difficult (I mean, I don't know because I've never done the two things at the same time, but I can imagine).
    I really don't know what to say. Recently, maybe it's because I'm young as you are and sometimes twenty-something think that they can change the world and live happy forever... but I think that if you're not happy with your life you should change that that makes you unhappy, and if you can't do change it right now (maybe you need money or whatever), just wait and finish your studies, find a job and hope to be happy after that...
    I wish you the best and I love your purple hair ♥

  2. I meant *...and if you can't change it right now...


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