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When I found this treasure collection by Central Saint Martins graduate Sorcha O'Raghallaigh via Style Bubble tonight I knew I had to share (although most of you would be out of your right mind to not be subscribed to Style Bubble!).

I love the kitsch craft, layering of tacky textiles such as garbage bag plastics? mesh tulle, sequins, vestal virgin motifs surrounded by even more tacky embellishments, the delicate beading...

The styling and photography itself has me sold but when you look into the details, it becomes a much more complicated theory of layering and ideas. I particularly love the delicate floral pouches.

Visit Sorcha's tumblr here

Good news is that I may finally begin fashion forecasting, researching and mood-boarding some ideas for a capsule collection at Manzoni. I am very excited.

Happy holidays x

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  1. Littttle bit too nutso for my liking but I like it when religion is mocked by fashion aha. I like the use of plastic too, particularly on those sleeves.


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