MBFWA: Day 1

Bec & Bridge

Christopher Esber

Romance Was Born
Image credit: Lucas Dawson

Day one was an exciting array of themes at MBFWA. Above, the highlights of day one for myself.
Bec & Bridge ticked all the aesthetic boxes. An australian media source coined it Gwneth Paltrow meets the 90s, but good uni friend and intern at Bec and Bridge, Kate told me the inspiration of the collection came from Koi fish and their streamlines, sleek, scale bodies. The colours are pure and are bound to turn tumblr into a frenzy.

Another potential tumblr-frenzy collection is Romance Was Born's Alice in {{aCiD}} Wonderland. All things innocent with perhaps a dark undertone. I hotly waited for an hour to see this collection streamed online through Jasu.com (it was very late), but it was so worth it. I recall my friend and I having a live forum through a facebook status as every look came out, which went something along the lines of - "OMFG THE CHESHIRE CAT!!!", "I don't like the lips", "The colours are gorgeous", "MUSHROOOOOOOOOMSSSSS". Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett are reknowned for their wild theatrical designs. They are visionaries. Artists. And we sure do love them for it.

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