MBFWA: Day 2

Ginger and Smart

Karla Spetic



Photo Credit: Lucas Dawson, Daily Telegraph

Day 2 of MBFWA saw alot of monochrome (much to my happiness). Besides heavyweights such as Ellery, many well respected Aussie designers that tend to rarely reach the international spotlight, showcased their hard work on the cat walk. 

My highlight was Ginger and Smart's biker chic, featuring strong-shouldered jackets, tetric-pixel colours cut to a tee (literally), minimal sheer, black contrast panels and cute wrist hugging gloves. This would have to be one of my favourites from the G&S team.

I really enjoyed Karla Spetic's collection for many reasons - the excessive use of white, the sheer panels, but most of all the vision of seeing this entire collection on my all time favourite blogger Susie Lau of Style Bubble.  I mean, the dress with the pink band would look amazing with crisp white, pink, green or blue trousers or jacket. Too much extra for a dress? Perhaps. Every few seconds I pinch myself for even suggesting it, but I know that a figure such as Susie would pull it off and all will be right again in the world.

Kahlo stuck to what they do best - leather and lots of it. I particularly loved the surprise shape lock cut connection between the leather crop top and the skirt. I found it an interesting and innovative design feature, particularly with the world's obsession with layered leather skirts.

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