MBFWA: Day 3

Alice McCall


Dion Lee

Michael Lo Sordo

Watson X Watson

Image Credit: Lucas Dawson

Day 3 and more white (I am not complaining). Watson X Watson strike nostalgic 90s straight up with references to minimalism and grunge through mesh textures, waist flannos (perhaps not so flanno but you get the idea) and strappy sandal heels. The collection screams cool 90s girl. In today's society, it's a taggin' homage to an anti-social tumblr blogger in a dark room with cats, piles of ASOS/Urban Outfitters parcels and a mug of coffee. What? I only semi described myself. Turns out I am poor, have a job (ironic huh?), but the anti-social behaviour and cats thing is definitely what goes on in my little world.

Alice McCall's collection wasn't bad this year, but my eye caught a very Central Saint Martin's graduate-esque piece (the 3rd image down) of a textured white mesh dress. It is lovely to see Aussie designers explore and push the textile boundaries.

I also very much enjoyed Camilla. If I was considering going to the wonderful Splendour in the Grass festival this year, I would totally want to look as gorgeous as the models look at the outdoor runway. (and what a runway it was!) I just don't know how Camilla Franks can respectfully smash varying cultural prints into one garment. I see southern American references, but then I notice African, Indian and Arabic motifs laced and patterned throughout.


A big shout out to one of my top readers and great friend Lauren Leahy! Thanks for being a big supporter, girl. Remember you are a brilliant and beautiful girl, with SO much heart and love to give. Don't let people destroy your kindness and love.

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