MBFWA: Day 5

Christine Exie

New Generation - The Letter Q


New Generation - Faddoul



Image credit: Lucas Dawson

The last day of Fashion week was a quiet day indeed, with only a small bunch of designers on the schedule to present their collections, giving the ever-so-hard-done-by fashion elite a break.

Spectators were treated to an edgy Staple collection, which I thought looked very Scandinavian with the absence of fitted designs. I am of course down with this.

I was impressed with The New Generation collections, finding that Faddoul's feminine silhouettes and The Letter Q's range quite covetable. They both have also studied at the prestigious Central Saint Martins. Not bad for two average Sydney Gals.

Well this concludes my MBFWA posts. I have spent the past week carefully gathering my favourite looks. If you would like to see all the designers click HERE to see some of the best Australia has to offer.

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