MBWA: Day 4

Emma Mulholland

The Innovators - Elissa Mcgowan

Haryono Setiadi


The Innovators - Leroy Nguyen

The Innovators - Ying Yuan



 Image Credit: Lucas Dawson

I have to admit, I had been anticipating one show the most out of all the designers at this year's MBFWA. Yes, it was Emma Mulholland. This year was her first full feature solo runway show. I couldn't be any happier for the Sydney-sider who only graduated from TAFE a handful of years ago and is already a household name (in crazy fashion loving houses of course).  I loved the colours, the 80s spring break vibe, the goofy 80s visor glasses, the smooth polar bear that reminded me of an esky company somehow? Am I somehow on the right track or am I batshit crazy? 

I loved the wild grid squiggle print which heavily reminded me of tacky early 90s videos (Art attack anyone?)  The hair, makeup and perspex jewellery will most likely be all the rage,  come summer time. I cannot wait! but alas I plan + hope to be in Europe during the Australian summer *insert sad face here*

And where the HELL did Haryono Setiadi pop up from?! I see so much Dion Lee in his work. It also appears that writer for The Vine  feels similarly, claiming Haryono Setiadi is certainly 'one to watch', with a mixed review of positives and negatives on the collection.  

As you can tell, I very much enjoyed the Shakuhachi collection this year. I have felt slightly uninspired or unmoved by their previous collections for some time now. The colour palette is cute and girly, but still accommodates the market and want for minimalistic, metallic and iridescent attire (YES).

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  1. Totally agree with the similarity to Dion Lee comment! When I saw his collection come down the runway I was very impressed but confused at the same time! Love this review, I haven't even had time to finish off my mbfwa reviews...


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