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Alessandra Rich

Ann Demeulemeester

Ann Sofie Back


Hussein Chalayan

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Gareth Pugh



Issey Miyake



Manish Arora

Maxine Simoens

Neil Barrett

Nicolas Andreas Taralis

Paco Rabanne

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Saint Laurent
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I am often skeptical over the Parisian fashion representatives when it comes to realistic and affordable style that tailors to my aesthetic. Whilst 'affordable' still is completely out of the question for little ol Mellie, I have been overly impressed with Paris. The barrier between the elite exclusive and readily available for the masses has probably been crumbling for some time now I would imagine (I admit to not having a huge knowledge of Paris Fashion week). 

Here are my top picks. I absolutely loved this years Paris Fashion week. (note: Australian designers in Paris will be mentioned in a separate post)

Grunge is good. Saint Laurant is god. That was easy. Highly unprofessional in journalistic terms, but you know if you are feelin' the collection, you would have reacted the same way.

I loved Issey Miyake for so many reasons. The contrast between plaid scales, giving the entire collection a colour-block strength. Colours used are fantastic and I get a architectural vs jockey jersey vibe. My favourite thing about this was that the models were so cute smiling. I really love smiling down the runway, it is so refreshing. Thankyou Issey!

Givenchy was (as usual) interesting on many levels. Luckily for my lungs, I am not a huge Disney fan so I was not under threat of hyperventilating and collapsing in a heap like I would imagine many would do so. 
I adored the digital print shirts with the sliced mis-matched motifs. The sheers, polkadot textures and the occy-strap belts are just another examples as to why Riccardo is a genius.

Gareth Pugh was indeed one of my top 5 favourites of all the fall shows. I loved the dead goth queen oeuvre, and considering how much material was used in each gown it is largely a minimal collection. I may be seeing things, but I swear there is a pentagram shape formed from Lindsey Wixson's hair. Wicked.

Ann Demeulemeester's collection was beautiful and wispy. The sheer fabrics flow light on the models and I just want to wear it all. I particularly loved the oversized feather hats. Very creative.

Last, but not least - Jean-Charles De Castelbajac. Wow. I cannot wait to see more from this designer. His work has popped up everywhere on tumblr and for good reason. Like Chalayan's collection, the link between art and fashion has such a relevant place in the market - It says alot about the wearer.

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