Hello lovely long standing followers, I miss you. I miss your posts (no really, I can identify 90% of your blogs and potentially our conversations!/an iconic outfit/a great purchase etc) I cannot wait to share my future adventures with you as I will be using this blog to document my travels in Europe beginning in August! I have been accepted in Gothenburg university in Sweden to continue my design degree. This means the WORLD to me and I cannot wait to share my experiences!

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  1. hi lovely,

    so pleased to see that you are back and even waaay more thrilled at the fact that you are now in sweden to follow your dream! i am extremely envious. can't wait to see all of the snaps from your travels.

    big love, x.

  2. haha i'm obsessed with my triangl bikini's, so you should definately take a peek at triangl.com.au the neoprene collection is a must! i'm from melbourne, lovely. so envious of your up and coming adventure! you must be so excited. x.


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