Wearing Ksubi jeans, Doc Martens, Tame Impala Jellyfish merch tee.

The video is of Stockholm harbour celebrating Grona Lund's 130th birthday! A perfect way to say goodbye to Stockholm on my last night there. Follow @lepearl on instagram ^-^
Day 3 back in Gothenburg and I have got my cosy student apartment set up. As you can see I am obsessed with the window here. It's big, has views of green trees (thank goodness) provides lot's of light and air. the room still needs a cork board for a mood board, I need watercolour papers, uni journal books, scalpel blades, a cutting mat and lot's of incense sticks to make it feel like home :)

I start uni in a week. Above is our kitchen note. I thought I would break the ice by offering Vegemite in my most mature grown up legible handwriting. We meet tonight at 6pm. 

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