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My first week in Sweden has been excellent. I have seen alot of Göteborg (Gothenburg) already. The weather has been up and down - sunny for a few hours then rainy. Sweden in summer is surprisingly hot, especially in the sun. It is definitely t-shirt and shorts weather (the Swedes are loving it!). 

I have given my Swedish/Göteborg history skills a very light brush up by visiting the city museum which is located in the historic East India Trading Company building. There is a floor of the museum that works in a square where you start in one direction and ring around to where you started. It starts at Swedish/viking folklore and early settlement artefacts. I learned about the town's closed walls and at the bottom there is actual remnants of an old viking ship all laid out in their positions to encourage your brain to imagine how these pieces would make up the vessel.

Göteborg is great. It is ridiculously trendy, youthful, relaxed and helpful. Everyone here speaks excellent English. The trams are easy to use and to buy tickets for, the food is great and really is no different to Australia in terms of variety (although there are alot less Chinese takeaways here - this is good news for my digestive system). Above is Oskar Fredriks Kryka (church) it is a  colossal 19th century neo-gothic church that is just so magnificent. This is my first European church, so I know there are alot more magnificent structures to see in the near future.

There is free wifi almost everywhere. Pets are allowed on public transport and in malls (although most individual shops do not permit pets). The men spit alot here and very publicly which is kinda gross. No surprises, Sweden is very expensive of course. Eating out often is not advised. 

I have been to Systembolaget which is Sweden's only liquor retailer which is owned by the government. It is a very nice bottle shop with a huge variety of liquor. Check out Systembolaget's website to understand the reasons behind the government's control of liquor sales. At first I was worried about access to a nice bottle of vodka or cider, but it turns out this is an excellent system, and should be implemented in Australia (in my opinion).

Way Out West festival was great. 3 days of hot sunshine and a little bit of rain. I saw acts like Jose Gonzalez in Junip, Tame Impala (where I met two gorgeous and friendly British girls named Ruby and Madi), Crystal Fighters, Alabama Shakes, Grimes, Merchandise (one of my new favourite bands), Of Monsters and Men, Haim, The Knife, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, James Blake (what an experience), Kendrick Lamar (another great performance, I wish my brother Kye was there) and lastly I met up with Matilda, a wonderful Swedish girl I had met on Instagram. We saw saw Ingrid disco togetehr with her gorgeous friends in a semi abandoned film studio warehouse complex which comprised of Lykke Li, Miike Snow and Peter, Bjorn and John.

I still have my wristband on and I picked up some limited edition hand dyed Vagabond flatform sneakers. they are gorgeous!

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  1. your time in sweden so far sounds like a dream! keep having a wonderful time, sweetie. can't wait to see and hear more! x.


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