3 flights, 2 trains and 1 tram later, I am here at my hotel in Gothenburg.
Everything so far has been smooth in terms of transportation. I lost some uni tools through customs sadly at Sydney and Helsinki, but there was no customs at Arlanda in Sweden, which I found quite strange.

I was upgraded to first class on my 12 hour Finnair flight from Singapore to Finland, which was quite lovely, it enabled me to stretch my legs out. Despite this, I still didn't sleep well on the plane due to crying babies down in commercial and a stomach at war with the recently consumed plane food.

Getting to Finland was great. It was a beautiful and sunny morning and the country looked magnificent from the air and the airport. I had some issues with finding my gate as it was not printed on my ticket, but I eventually made it. 

Arlanda airport was quite messy at the baggage carousel. My bag was the last to be picked up as I was too busy choosing a duty free perfume. After choosing a fragrance and picking up my bag (thank goodness it survived 3 planes) I jumped on the Arlanda express. It was a beautiful train, very clean and new. I wish we had something as fast and as beautiful in Australia.

I arrived at Gothenburg via a second train and then got a tram to near my hotel which is tucked away behind alot of old typical European buildings separated by cobblestone streets and crossings.
I spent the day showering, walking around Brunnsparken near Nordstan shopping mall, which is apparently the largest shopping mall in Europe. I haven't seen it all yet, but it doesn't look as big as our malls back in Australia.

My hotel - Mini hotel near Masthugget isn't bad, but the internet is terrible and inconvenient with trying to link up to Swedish contacts and friends and family back home. I had to go all the way back into Brunnsparken to go to the McDonalds to get their wifi. I find it a huge inconvenience as I feel more vulnerable carrying around a macbook.

Breakfast wasn't bad. Toast, coffees, teas, capsicum, tomato, ham, cereal, marmalades, brie cheese and another soft cheese. Today I will be going to Migration office and picking up my wristband from WOW at slottskogen and to generally get more used to the place, tram stops and pronunciations.

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