images by myself: Sony NEX5N

I am very blessed to have a large spacious and airy room here at olofshöjd. Luckily the girl before me left the room tidy and with a few extra things to keep the place homey. I just bought a new bedspread from IKEA, which I love. They are freshly washed as I got up early for the laundry which was easy to book and use. I also had a healthy breakfast of smoked salmon, cream cheese and egg on bread, and a bowl of vanilla yoghurt. Ready to take on the day!
I have some Kikki.K products here which is a stylish reminder of Australia and love for Swedish aesthetic (hello Sharon! *waves*) 

I couldn't help but put up some posters from my Yen magazine (the cute poster of the llamas is by Monica Ramos, I am in love). I still need to source incense sticks and uni supplies. But for now I am living comfortably. I also bought a second hand black bicycle for 600 kr ($100AUD) Most bikes vary from 400kr-3000kr+ so I think I did okay, it works well.

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