Images via: LUVAJ Photographer: Claire Thomas Model: Beth Whitson Stylist: Amanda Thomas

Just going to break up my posts on Sweden with some images I have been obsessing over lately. I am never really sure what to post on this blog. 

How amazing is this shoot? I saw it on Rich Girls blog and it reminds me of my best friend Liana of ohdearitsliana. I knew straight away that this needed to be on my blog. It is like minimalism meets surf culture and edgy luxury, I really dig this. LUVAJ has jumped on the Givenchy shark-tooth bandwagon, with this fine collection that is edgy, more affordable and appealing. This shoot is like art to me - an otherworldly, pure, untouched landscape with bright natural and reflective light. It is like a dream paradise where I could offload my thoughts and dip my feet in the water, no one around me. 

Stockholm is absolutely beautiful today, sunny and just beaming with life. My host mother cooked me this excellent Swedish sausage dish with local Swedish mushrooms and pasta last night, it was delicious. I went out last night with my English friends I met at Way Out West festival and met lots of new friends. Numbers/facebooks were swapped, drank alot of vodka all at this amazing venue call The Tradgard in Sodermalm. It was this cool outdoor venue underneath a bypass. It was such an awesome place with great vibes. Our accents made us friends straight away and we were never left alone, which wasn't bad I guess. No one gives us attention in our own countries. I guess that's just what happens when you are the exotic tourist.

I am currently nursing a head cold in Stockholm which is driving me insane :( all while I wait for my clothes to dry in the laundry.


  1. yes, of course, lovely! it's such a cool concept, isn't it? dying over the mirrored surf board. the styling and the whole atmosphere of the shoot is pretty cool definately wouldn't mind unwinding here. big love, x.

  2. ps. i adore your friends rant on how shitty the blogging world has become (eg. with fellt and the like). such a true representation and how individual creativity has been lost with social climbing on so many minds and 'me, me, me' attitudes.

    1. Isn't her rant just something? I 100% agree with you both, the FELLTS have just turned fashion blogging into this materialistic 'it' girl perfect lifestyle bullshit and it sickens me. I honestly want to rope a bunch of bloggers together and make a mimic blog for sweet laughs.

    2. haha i love it! that would be a laugh. everybody and anybody who thinks they are somebody seem to have a blog now. what gets me most lately are the footballers wives who have popped up on blogs and instagram, who seem to be doing it to rake in the free stuff through underwhelming content, mostly full of outfit posts of items that every other blogger is wearing. no one elses life is going to mimic that of jess from tuula (i am guilty of liking her casual style, just saying). it's a sad reality. hahaha look at us! it's definately a topic that could go on forever. x.

    3. Ugh! I haven't noticed yet but ugh so horrible (footballer's wives), nothing makes me sicker. Ah we all have our guilty pleasures, mine is Amanda Bynes hahaha, but I cannot stand any of the FELLTS but Susie Bubble is my queen. It's not all about posing like a supermodel wannabe in front of fancy architecture around the world. Susie is all about exposing designers and talent and she can style like a pro, she can do no wrong! She is the only blogger doing the good stuff in my opinion x

    4. i'm right with you on the amanda bynes front. i still love her and all her craziness! i can't say i've ever really followed susie bubble and her journey, so maybe this is a good incentive to do so. x.

    5. Yes I wasn't a fan of susie Bubble at first. I thought, oh a rich Asian who has enough money to pay for a stylist and a photographer everywhere she goes...totally original. Turns out she is the exact opposite. She is down to earth, can write impeccably, reviews and researches designers and textile practices, she talks about how she is just like you and I (when she is ill, sweats so much running to shows, has wardrobe malfunctions and even more)... I just love how she is a clutz and she isn't ashamed of it. She seems much more natural than all the model-esque bloggers. I have been a big fan of hers for about a year. My favourite part is when she blogs about Central Saint Martin's students shows. They are truly something else, because she gets to know the emerging student designers, they show her their journals, and she tells her readers of the ideas behind the collection and the methods. Just wonderful journalistic work in my opinion.


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