Södermalm & Saltsjöbaden

 Photos: by myself iphone/Sony Nex5N

The other day Ingela took me to Saltsjöbaden just out of Stockholm. It was a nice day that sadly turned 
a little chilly due to excessive clouds, but we baked our skin at the women's bath house as much as we could. 
Saltsjöbaden is a very rich area, with an observatory and a giant palace hotel that overlooks the water
(As you can see 2 images above).

The first image is of a cute pink bicycle parked in the middle of a street in Södermalm. I quite like Södermalm
as it is lively, cultured and arty. There are lots of vintage and retro shops that really encourage individuality
and good style.


  1. so beautiful. the first picture especially. so dainty and cute. haha i'm probs going to be a little comment happy with every swedish related post. apologies straight away! x.

    1. haha don't you dare apologise girlfraan x


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