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Activity 1/4 - Ingela got me up at the crack of dawn to see the royal palace where the royal family still live (on the right hand side of the palace). It was magnificent and my very first royal experience. We went on a very busy guided tour at 10am and we ventured through the rooms where many kings and queens once frequented. The Swedish royal family were/are far from wealthy compared to other royal families in the world, but over the hundreds of years, they have found ways to present their wealth and power through fake marble walls, gigantic tapestries equally worth a battleship and large portraits of surrounding allied kings and queens.
Their gardens were huge and went on for hundreds of metres. It was a lovely experience and a great lesson in history.

Images by: myself (sony NEX5N)

Activity 2/4 - This building is as iconic to Stockholm as the Opera house is to Sydney. This is Stockholm Stadhuset (townhall). It was built in the early 20th century (completed in 1923). I love the size of the town hall and the dark red bricks in contrast to the patina covered copper dome tops with golden symbols adorning the tops. I love the symbols, like the crescent moon atop of one of the domes, they have such a pagan reference to them, even though they probably do not at all. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the water was reflecting the sun, a perfect time to see the Stadhuset. I am so very lucky to be here.

Images by: myself (sony NEX5N)

Activity 3/4 was the Stockholm Sightseeing tour around the archipelago. It was a 2.5 hour tour which surprisingly went fast. Ran by the Stromma group, the boat was quite old, sweet and comfortable. The guide gave tourists a great insight in both Swedish and English about the beautiful homes along the water and out to sea. Some owned for royalty, painters, art collectors, lucky heirs and the Swedish aristocrats. There is hot food on board and pre made sandwiches that actually don't taste like stale crap (seriously wow) and the sights are excellent as you can see. Above are typical Swedish summer houses at least in the Stockholm region. Above further is a novelty viking ship.

Activity 4/4 was the national museum which had moved from the old building to a new residency while it undergoes repairs/renovations. I saw the Carl Larsson exhibition, which was quite lovely. It was great to see how an artist shifts from different painting mediums upon meeting someone or a life changing event (in his case from oil to watercolour upon meeting his second wife). I will be visiting the national museum again today as alot more exhibitions are available for viewing.

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