Photos: by myself (Sony NEX5N)

The VASA museum is hands down one of the BEST museums I have ever seen. Basically the VASA ship is one of the most famous Swedish tourist attractions and is extremely busy. Luckily the museum operates on multiple levels to get all angles of the ship and is quite large so there is plenty of space to walk. The ship is a pure masterpiece and has an excellent and funny story behind it. The VASA was built to show off Sweden's success and power. It basically sunk on it's maiden voyage about 1 Nautical mile (2 km) out of Stockholm Harbour much to spectator's horror in 1628. 

The problem was that the ship was very heavy but the weight was predominately above the water as opposed to being under the water.

"The hull of Vasa was divided into three decks and a bottom compartment containing the ballast, which consisted of large, tightly packed stones. Upon salvaging, the ship was found to have an intact hold full of ballast stones. Vasa carried 120 tonnes of ballast, but this was not enough to counter her considerable weight above the water line; even a light squall would have seriously destabilized the ship" - Hocker in Vasa I, p. 51. via Wikapedia
diagram via Wikipedia


  1. This is super interesting! I've never seen a real ship before, despite it's very short life. It's beautiful! I can't imagine how long it would have taken for them to carve all of those ornaments?!

    1. I know right?! they were carved and painted in many colours. It is just a crazy beautiful ship with such a funny story.


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