Åsa and Apelviken

images of Åsa by myself (iPhone)

I somehow managed to forget my Sony Nex5N camera on our field trip to the 3 camping grounds for our first assignment, but I made do with my iPhone.
We first visited SCR camping company for a briefing and to get to know the company a little better. We then ventured to Liseberg camping in a big coach bus funded by the university. It was not a nice camping ground as I felt it was very commercial and didn't have beaches, which I traditionally associate my camping holidays with. However Liseberg appeals to young families who are visiting the amusement park and/or want to be close to the city of Gothenburg. The next stops were 
Åsa and Apelviken further down the coast and as we walked through the caravan park and over the sand dunes at Åsa we could see the peaceful ocean sparkling in the sun. It was my first proper Swedish beach trip and it was so relaxing to sit in the sunshine atop of the sand dunes and take in the beauty. The boys in the second photo look like Calvin Klein/Tommy Hilfiger models haha. I would definitely pitch a tent at Åsa if I was a Swedish camper!

It was a very cold day so I look huge all layered up, but in the image above is my design peers - Maria and Marifer from Costa Rica and Dino from New York.
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