Introducing my exchange university - The University of Gothenburg. The first two images above are at my campus at HDK which is the school for design and krafts. The second image was taken atop of my campus roof eating lunch one day. The design students often come out here to relax, eat last night's re-heated dinner, have a ciggarette and just chat and enjoy the view of the older architecture around them.
The image below is of the main campus at Vasagatan which is one block away (everything is so close in this city!)
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Some sneaky vanilla ice cream nutella and nesquik! yummy

My limited edition and one of a kind VAGABOND for Way Out West festival 2013 flatforms. They have been hand marble-dyed and each pair is obviously unique! Obsession ♥
Veronica's (in black) birthday. She is from the Czech Republic and is an AMAZING dancer. The day after it was Maria's birthday (on the right) which we celebrated with a yummy blueberry and white chocolate mousse cake.
Beautiful Gothenburg enjoying the last of summer.

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