Photos by myself: SONY Nex 5N

Well this is easily the coolest thing I have ever done! Hiked upon Nigardsbreen glacier in Norway! It was a perfect sunny day and everyone was so excited to tackle the climb. It was certainly not easy, we climbed into holes, and hoisted ourselves up out of them. I was overheated by the end of it all. We were split into 3 groups and my guide was a Nepalese gent from the Himalayas. He has "only climbed Everest 6 times" ... so I felt very safe in his group. It was so much fun and when we got to the flat top, we sat and ate lunch before trekking down again. 

I would definitely do this again, the view was breath-taking (these photos do not serve justice) What a great experience!

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  1. This looks so amazing!! I'm from Norway and I still haven't been there! But your photos definitely make me want to visit this glacier!


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