Photographs by myself: SONY Nex5N

I have just come back from a Scanbalt Fjord Explorer tour. Our first stop in Norway from Gothenburg was Oslo, which is only a few hours away by train and perhaps 4 hours by bus.
The tour group was pretty big and our Bus driver and Alex the tour leader were pretty cool. Alex gave us a low-down on Norwegian history and even some of their customs/personalities and laws. We really didn't get enough time to see Oslo, but from what I saw I did not think too much of the city. The people didn't come across as friendly as we were warned, the city looked run down and largely under construction. That is okay though, because I found that the Opera house made up for everything else. 

The Opera house is a contemporary wonder made from white granite and La Facciata (Italian marble) which was designed by a Norwegian design firm and completed in 2007. The design allows people to walk upon the structure all the way up to the roof. My friends joked that I must think this was inferior to the Sydney opera house, but I am not too sure about that. I mean, it is important to take into consideration that they were both designed by Scandinavian architects, but were designed in very different eras. In terms of design, I much love the minimalist nature of the Norwegian Opera house over the Sydney Opera House. Despite all of that, the Sydney Opera house is a different kind of special to me.

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