Images by: myself iPhone and Sony Nex 5N

A large group of my friends and I ventured north-east from Gothenburg for the Lights in Alingsås experimental art/community exhibition. This was a particularly great exhibition because contributors ranged from as young as pre-schoolers to adults and professionals. The set ups weren't too impressive individually, but as you walked through the sleepy little town you soon realise that is all about the journey through the lanes, the spaces between and where the lights end and begin again. The colours were dreamy and I ventured into a graveyard at night for the first time because the exhibition also meandered through the dead. It was quite a surreal experience.

Featuring: Luci, Desmond (and his girlfriend 'Bacon'), Olartia, Maria Laura, Marifer, Marta, Veronika, Yago and Maria Angels. 

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