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Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Amsterdam... what am I going to with you? With your free cheese samples, stroop waffles, Febo eateries, excellent contemporary art galleries, "coffee shops" and seedy voluptuous women behind glass doors, you are both irresistible and humorous. The ultimate sin city, but a happy city.

After leaving the airport, the first day consisted of shooting straight down to Delft on the train where my long time friend Bardia picked me up with his dear mother. Bardia (B-man or Axle as he is also known) hasn't changed a bit, although his iconic lip piercing was gone due to his services in the military. Later Paul joined us at Delft train station and Bardia then took us both to a local bar where I met his friends. They were really friendly and we hopped to another bar and met a kitten, which I occupied most of the night - naturally.

The Netherlands love their cats especially in the "coffee shops", which is 100% fine by me. The next day, we said goodbye to Bardia and set off for Amsterdam where we met up with Desmond. It was from this moment we knew some crazy shit would go down. We ventured through the city, browsed through the surprisingly good christmas markets, hit up Febo numerous times which is a cheap snack eatery where you place some euros in a coin slot and a window opens and you get a cheap and nasty snack - PERFECTO-FUTURISTIC!

The numerous hallucination stores with hilarious window displays we visited were an eye-opener as we are not used to such an open culture to drugs. I just loved these stores for their pretty lights, lava lamps, tacky t-shirts and other pointless souvenirs. 

Later that evening we shared a space cake with a high cat in a "coffee shop" and almost accidentally wandered into a Will-i-am concert on the way to the Placebo gig - phew that was close! 4 songs in and I felt the effects of the space cake. Imagine a confused Mel in a foreign city staring at a train map for a very long time. A very very very long time. Lucky I was not alone, Paul and Desmond were up shit creek too. But we managed to find our way home. It would be another 16 hours or so until I finally felt free from the wrath of nature.

On our last day we relaxed by visiting the Van Gogh museum and the Contemporary Art museum which were splendid as expected. I was a little disappointed that Van Gogh's Starry night was not on display, but I guess it's at the Lourve or some other fancy museum. We went for a casual last minute trip to the Red Light District which was a sure eye-opener. Desmond got plenty of eye contact, but as tempted as he was, he kept away from Amsterdam's finest.

Overall Amsterdam was plenty fun, and wild, and crazy and hungover blah blah blah. Dad, don't judge me lol.

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