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Copenhagen will be a memorable city for me as it was my first snow experience thanks to the storm titled "Bodil" which brought snow fall over much of southern Sweden and northern-central Europe.
Here I went to Copenhagen backpackers which opened on the day I arrived, it was a little strange at first because it was obvious that the hostel had not entirely completed set-up but by the time I had ventured out on my first day it was a pleasure coming back to a typical hostel set up. Their common reception area is super cool and the hostel is across from central station - convenient! Overall my stay there was pleasant. Check out their Trip Advisor page here.

Despite the horrendous and dangerous windy weather, I managed to get out and see as much of the city as possible. A changing city, Copenhagen has many scaffolding due to city construction and expansion, which posed a huge threat, along with giant christmas trees which were found on my second day fallen over and damaged. The meals were extremely over-priced, but the lego store was cool.
I visited the Little Mermaid which was... I don't know underwhelming? I am not sure if I was ever overly excited to see this to be honest, but I made up for it earlier by eating chocolate topped waffles and ice cream around Nyhavn and strolled around beside the boats and Hans Christian Andersen's original residence.
I went to Amelien-borg Palace where I stumbled half-way through a changing of the guards routine and walked through the colossal structure that was Christianborg palace. 

I visited the National museum of art, and the most beautiful structure I have seen called the Marble Church which is a dome shaped building (see images above of course). I was breath-taken by it's interior/exterior. It just seems worlds away from anything I am used to back home. The Copenhagen christmas markets were beautiful. I enjoyed a nutella crepe and wandered through the little wooden hut stalls as the snow lightly fell - a totally cute experience.

I ventured down to Vesterbro (the shifty, arty end of town) where there are a variety of trendy cafes and designer boutiques. Vesterbro is also one of very few places in the world where a row of adult shops with very confronting window displays can be on the opposite corner to an elementary school. The world famous Tivoli was bypassed this time due to the outrageous entry fee (perhaps another time). I visited Nikolaj contemporary art centre which was this beautiful old church converted into a contemporary gallery space. I have a special friend in mind that I believe would love this place. 
One of the best places I visited in Copenhagen was the Danish Design museum, which was a huge benefit to my studies as a designer. I have to admit Danish design is some of the best in the world and with a huge interest in modern design, the Design museum featuring works by my favourite psychedelic designer Verner Panton, Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobson. 

To finish my trip, I met up with the lovely Brigita whom I met through my friend Luci. Brigita was such a lovely guide and we went to Christiania together to see what scallywags get up to. When we got back to town hall I had my first ever snow ball fight with her. Great times...

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